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For the first time ATF system be used for vaccine production in China
Author: Alit     Source:Alit     Date: 2013-3-9 10:41:43     Views:1945


On March 3th to 8th 2013together with the sales manager of Refine Technology Walter Gallagher, Alit technical teams successfully completed the installation, debugging and training of the Refine ATF10 system at the Tiankangs pharmaceutical division. For the first time the ATF system was used for vaccine production in China.

ATF system is outstanding in increasing cell density, improving product yield and reduce the process steps of the downstream harvest and centrifugation etc. So ATF system is very popular in the fermentation industry. In China, ATF system was first applied to the industrial mass production by Tiankang which has senior industry experience, further indicated the important role of ATF system in the fermentation industry.