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The AB InBev China beer factory added Aber new member
Author: Alit     Source:Alit     Date: 2013-5-30 15:02:00     Views:2407


On May 29th 2013, Alit technical engineer accomplished the installation and debugging of the AberYeast Monitor and successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of AB InBev beer factory technical personnel. Since cooperation with AB InBev, this is the fourth AB InBev China factories use the Aber products. Currently the Aber Yeast Monitor is also used in Tsingtao Brewery andYanjing Beer Group Corporation.

The Aber Yeast Monitors are recognized today as the most accurate and reliable instruments for measuring the LIVE yeast cell concentration on-line. Many of the world’s major brewing groups have benefited by having more consistent fermentations by having the “Aber” as a standard at the heart of their automatic yeast pitching systems. Other breweries have benefited from improvements in the quality of their pitching yeast or from reducing overall fermentation times.