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ATF system

Designed to increase productivity of cell derived biopharmaceuticals, the ATFTM System provides a more reliable and efficient process of cell separation with the inherent ability to support cell growth to extremeconcentrations. The ATF System allows increased volumetric productivity and reduced bioreactor size.The ATF System scales on a linear basis from 1 liter to greater than 1000 liters and can be used with traditional or disposable bioreactors and with all cell types including anchorage depen…

OPUS(R) Pre-packed Chromatography Columns

With unparalleled flexibility, OPUS Columns are readyto-use pre-packed alternatives to self-packed columns. Applying the most advanced pre-packed chromatography column technology available today, OPUS Columns have unique design features and robustGMP-compliant construction that make them ideal for efficient downstream chromatography processes.

ABER Futura

The ABER Futura is the complete instrument for measuringLIVE cell concentration online – designed with all the biomassmonitoring processing power in a single compact housing.

LONG(R) EGF Cell Culture Supplement

LONG EGF is a serum-free or low-serum supplementused in regulatory approved cell-based therapies. LONG EGF is a like-for-like replacement for native epidermal growth factor (EGF) or recombinant human EGF (hEGF). It is used across a wide range of applications, including therapeutic cell culture in a variety of fibroblast and epithelial cell types, keratinocyte differentiation and growth, and cell-based vaccine production.

pH, DO Sensors

The Market Leader in pH, DO and Redox Electrode Design

Cedex Bio – Bioprocess Analyzer

Next Generation Technology for Bioprocess AnalyticsAnalyze your samples with confidence. Be assured of the data integrity


Laboratory Analysis for Bioprocess Controlo Dual Channel Glucose and Lactateo Analysis System for up to 30 Sampleso Low Investment and Running Costso Innovative Biosensorso Small Sampling Volume (10-20 μL)o Fast and Accurate Measurement

CaptivA(R) Protein A Affinity Resin

CaptivA Protein A Affinity Resin is the most costeffective chromatography media available today. CaptivA resin delivers excellent binding capacity, caustic stability and low leaching at a fraction of the cost of traditional resins. CaptivA resincombines an industry standard agarose bead with recombinant native Staphylococcal Protein A (rSPA) manufactured by Repligen, the world’s leading manufacturer of recombinant Protein A.

LONG(R)R3 IGF-I Cell Culture Supplement

LONGR3 IGF-I is 200 times more potent and 2 times more stable in cell culture than insulin.For over 20 years, LONGR3 IGF-I has boosted productivity in chemicallydefined cell culture by increasing cell density and titer, maintaining higher viability and extending culture duration. SAFC is the exclusive worldwide distributor for LONGR3 IGF-I in industrial cell culture.