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Countstar automatic cell counter

Countstar automatic cell counter is based on the classic trypan blue staining method which integrates the advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology. It has powerful analysis software system which integrates the basic counting function, cell morphology analysis, and cell analysis charts and data management capabilities.

Countstar FL Fluorescence Cell Analyzer

Countstar FL Fluorescence Cell Analyzer Turn Flow Into Image CytometryCountstarFL is an image-based cell analysis platform. 4 excitation lights, maximum 13 fluorescent channel combination, support any dye of different wavelength. Patented fixed focus, avoids manual error and makes sure the stability of fluorescent signal. Users only need to click 1 button to get result through pre-loaded protocols. Customization function together with multiple fluorescent channel provide a whole solution for ce…

Countstar BioMarine Automated Cell Counter

Countstar BioMarine Automated Cell CounterCountstar BioMarine is a professional automatic algae counter which applied advanced optical imaging technology and image recognitiontechnology. Countstar BioMarine is designed for accurately measuring algae with different shape and size. The Countstar BioMarine software system has powerful analysis and database management functions.Model: IA1000

Countstar BioLab Automated Cell Counter

Countstar BioLab Automated Cell CounterCountstar BioLab is a cell counting and analyzing instrument developed on the basis of classic tyrpan blue staining. Integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology.Model:IE1000